Richard Whitney, PhD.H

Wilson Wilde
Collection: Hartford Steamboiler Inspection and Insurance Company
James Webb Jr., Secretary of the Navy
Collection: The Pentagon
Blaze of Autumn
Deborah, The Artist's Daughter
Chinon Williams
Dan Cowan
Edwin Delattre
Collection: St. Johns College
Red Oziers
End of an Era
Gifford Foley
Collection: The Kent School
Dean and Roberta Smith
Collection: New England Genealogical Society
Kristin Eaton
Kyle Stuckey
Lee Pelton
Collection: Dartmouth College
Miriam, The Artist's Mother
Monadnock, April Buds
Monadnock Orchard
Nancy Carter
Norma Safford
Collection: Thorne Sagendorph Art Gallery
Robert Farrar
Ruth Bishop
Collection: New England Genealogical Society
Spring Thaw
Tom Brush
Collection: Loomis Chaffee School
Tom Eaton
Winter Outing
Andrea Garguilo
Luz Maria
Andrew Carter
John Sununu
Collection: New Hampshire State Capitol
Richard Unsworth
Collection: The Berkshire School
Buster Navins
Collection: Governor Dummer Academy
Grand Aines Beach, Grenada