Marlin Adams
Marlin Adams is a Professor of art at Gordon College in Barnesville, Georgia where he has taught art classes for the past nine years. He has been featured in American Artist magazine and in American Artist's "Oil Highlights Collectors Series." He has been a winner in "The Artist's Magazine " portrait competition and a finalist in the categories of landscape, still life, and portraiture.
     Marlin's work hangs in museum collections and private collections throughout the country. He is represented by the Altermann & Morris Galleries in Dallas, Houston, Santa Fe, and Hilton Head.
     Adams is a graduate of Brigham Young University and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree. He has been a full time painter for a portion of his career and has combined painting and teaching for the past 18 years.
Marlin Adams was born in Mesa Arizona and raised in Los Angeles. His wife Margaret, whom he met at BYU, is from Amarillo. They live in Thomaston, Georgia with four of their ten children. Their oldest daughter, Juliene, is married to Randy Webb, a computer programmer: they now reside in Austin, Texas. Their second daughter, Angela, is married to Cameron Jensen, also a computer programmer. They reside in Sharpsburg, Georgia. Their oldest son, Brandt is finishing up a degree in Industrial Design at the Institute of Technological Training in Murray, Utah. Neil, is a graduate of Nashville Auto Diesel College and married to the former Rachel Hale. Caleb is married to the former Ellen Kane and is a student at Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac. Kayle is attending BYU Idaho.
Marlin paints portraits and still lifes from life in the studio office or in the classroom studio. He often works alongside his students, believing that direct observation of the artist painting from life is the fastest way to learn. Although Marlin sometimes paints landscapes in the studio using color studies and photographic references, he prefers working on location. He has hiked miles, camping overnight, to paint on location and capture a particular view. His passion for and persistence in painting the beauty of nature allows those who view his work to experience the same sense of awe and intensified reality.

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